A system designed for new construction to dramatically reduce homeowners’ energy cost, exterior sound invasion, and eliminate “cold” spots or “cold” rooms.

A building structure is comprised of multitude of systems (the envelope, windows/doors, heating & cooling, etc) that must work together to create a safe, durable, efficient, and safe structure. By using Henges HIGH-TEC-HOMEsm we have taken the guess work out of air sealing, wall insulation, attic insulation, and combing those details with performance testing. We work with independent third party energy auditors to assure high performance and energy savings which provides a respectable return on your investment and years of comfort.

  • Lower Heating/Cooling Billshigh-tech-home-logo
  • Cleaner, Quieter, More Comfortable Home
  • Added mold and mildew protection
  • Insurance against rising energy costs
  • 100% Formaldehyde Free

High–Tec–Home was developed in 1990 and has continually been updated to keep up with new research, new technologies, and new insulation products. High–Tec–Homes are designed to create energy efficiency at a reasonable cost. Along with energy efficiency, the home becomes cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable. High-Tec-Home properties:

  • Upgraded attic insulation
  • Johns Manville “Spider” custom fiberglass wall spray insulation system
  • Upgraded insulation in typical trouble areas such as band boards, cantilevers, and living space above garages
  • Air Infiltration Package to seal out unwanted outside air leaks and reduce exterior sounds




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