While the objectives of comfort and energy savings are universal, every home or commercial application is unique. They are unique because every home or building is unique, requiring a specific approach to maximize both comfort and energy savings.

spider wall insulation

New Home Insulation

The best time to insulation your home is while it’s under construction! Not all new homes are insulated the same way. Maximize your future savings as well as comfort when you build your new home, with Henges Hi-Tec Home Solution. This is a unique approach to new-home insulation.

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blown in attic insulation

Retrofit Home Insulation

A home remodel is the perfect time to retrofit with better insulation for quieter and more comfortable living while lowering energy bills. Adding insulation to older homes can significantly reduce your energy bill, but there are special considerations.

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industrial insulation for ceilings

Commercial Insulation Services

Henges has spent the last 80 years installing commercial thermal insulation systems throughout the St. Louis metro area. Our teams are experienced in auditing any commercial structure and installing the latest insulation products to fit your budget and building type.

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