greenfiberlogo-290GreenFiber Insulation is blown or sprayed into place, eliminating gaps and stopping air leaks better due to the way it is applied. GreenFiber Insulation is two to three times more dense than comparable fiberglass insulation batts. That means heated air can’t transfer through dense GreenFiber Insulation as easily as it travels through typically installed fiberglass.

Green fiber is made of 85% recycled paper fibers. It fills gaps and voids without cutting and fitting, creating a seamless thermal blanket with no air leaks.

GreenFiber Insulation Advantages:

  • Reduces your home’s heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduces air infiltration by filling gaps and voids in your attic and walls.
  • Easy to install, no itch.
  • Applies over any existing insulation.
  • Eliminates cutting and fitting large insulation batts.
  • Formaldehyde free, making¬†GreenFiber safe for you and your home.
  • Highly fire resistance, achieving Class 1 fire-rated building material per ASTM E 84.
  • GreenFiber Natural Fiber Insulation is produced using 10 times less energy than other types of insulation products.
  • Each bag of recycled materials contains the equivalent of about 46 Sunday newspapers, thereby reducing landfill waste.

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